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Wasp nest removal kensington


Wasp stings cases the majority of allergic reactions in Kensington. One or more stings, across a term of time, may be needed from the wasp to sensitise your immune system and activate an allergic reaction. Twenty per cent of Kensington residents who had a bad allergic reaction to a wasp sting had milder or no reaction the following time they are stung by a wasp.


Therefore there is no precise method to predict the consequence of the following sting for any individual. If you are sensitised to wasp poison then you will not likely suffer the same to bee venom. The best time of the year to command wasps is in June after the Queen wasp has established her colony and while the colony is still small. But because nests are little, they are harder to find.


The best time of the day to kill wasp nests is at evening, when they are less active. Wasps have problems flying when temperatures are high. Never seal a wasp nest until you are certain there are no more live wasps inside.


Call our Kensington wasp control team, and we will provide you with a service that is second to none. We have been treating wasp nests in Kensington for years, and our service is 100% guaranteed.

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