Mouse Control Kensington


Mouse control kensington


Mice can be undesirable pests at times in Kensington, through ruining and eating crops and spreading illness through their parasites and feces. It is because of the pest difficulties caused by mice, that cats are thought to have been introduced into regular households in Kensington.


The gestation time span in female mice is less than a month, and the female mouse has an average litter of six infant mice per litter, even so the mouse litter is usually higher than six. The infant mice are known as pups and these mice pups are born with no hair and with their eyes and ears closed.


Mouse babies are weaned after they around three weeks old. There are almost 40 known species of mouse in the world. The mouse species range in and colour and size is dependant on the environment.


We provide unbeatable mouse control for Kensington and all surrounding areas. Our team of experts will carry out preventative estimates to minimise danger of rodent returning to your premises and mouse control treatment in compliance with existing legislation. We also carry on site surveys to determine the cause of your mice infestation, then we will carry out appropriate proofing to your house to keep the mice out. Contact us today for a friendly chat and a free quote.

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