Flea Control Kensington

flea control kensington


Fleas are quite a common problem for Kensington homes. Eggs are regularly laid on the host creature which is commonly the cat or dog, but may be laid via adults which have dropped to the ground or on your carpet in your Kensingtonhome. Female fleas scatter approximate 500 eggs during her generation, which may be 18 months if she is well fed, 4 months if she is not well fed.


These eggs shall hatch in anywhere from 1 day to a couple of weeks, and shall feed for 8-32 days. They pupate in cracks for 3-35 days but may wait months to appear, awake via vibrations from their host moving around a lot. Flea larvae are not seen easily due to there size. They regularly become curled within the carpet. The grown up larva spins a cocoon to pupate. This cocoon becomes draped with grains of sand, lint, powder or other debris so it is well camouflaged.


We offer a second to none service for flea control we can visit your Kensingtonhome, early evening and weekend or any other time that is convenient for you. We also have a fast response and can be at your property the same day to deal with any Flea Infestation. So if you are in Kensington or anywhere in London contact us today for a free quote.

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