Moth Control Kensington

Moth Control kensington


It is very easy for moths to slip into your Kensington home by entering through an open window or door. It is advisable to draw the curtains or use a fly screen when windows are open at night, moths will be attracted to lights so is more likely to fly in at night when there is light indoors and it is dark outdoors. Once inside moths tend to lay their eggs in dark areas and where they are unlikely to be disturbed, where clothing or other textiles are stored.


High risk areas include spare rooms or cabinets used infrequently in your Kensington home. Lofts are also at risk because moths are attracted to the nests of birds that may be in the eaves of the house. Dirty or stained clothing is very attractive to moths.


Try to always clean and fully dry clothes before storing. If textiles are to be stored for a period of time it may be more ideal to store them in sealed plastic bags or suitcases. When dealing with moth infestations, professional help is advised due to the fact that moths are more resistant to pesticides than other pests. They require more intensive pest control measures administered safely by a professional. We offer a full range of moth removal services for the Kensington area, and moth prevention services, using the most effective techniques and equipment.

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