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Squirrel control kensington


The grey squirrel was first introduced to Kensington and the rest of the UK from the USA in 1876. It is now very common throughout London and the rest of England, Wales and Scotland where squirrels are seen as pests.


Most squirrels seen in Kensington are brownish grey in colour with white undersides and are about 25cm in length with a 22cm tail. Droppings vary in shape and colour depending on diet. They are spherical or stretched similar to the rats.


In their natural habitat grey squirrels build nests or dreys in the forks of trees or in hollow trunks. In urban areas they will enter roof gaps by ascending walls or leaping from nearby trees. Grey squirrels may carry fleas and other parasites and can pass these diseases on to you and your family if they get in your London home.


If they manage to get into your property they can cause pretty serious damage. They chew woodwork and ceilings and string the insulation from electrical wiring. They also tend to shred higher loft insulation to use as their nest material and sometimes drown in cold water tanks.


Our squirrel control experts can eradicate nuisance squirrels from inside your Kensington covering attic or loft too, by a using the most effective methods. After eradication of the squirrels we will furthermore aid you in proofing your home to decrease re-infestations.


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