Carpet Beetle Control Kensington


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It is the larvae that cause damage to the silk, wool, leather and textiles in your Kensington home. Look for creamy white grubs with a layer of hair or adults with brown spots and creamy that look similar to ladybirds. They are around all year in Kensington but is most common between April and June. They like dark places under furniture and along baseboards. If you are seeing adult carpet beetles regularly, then your carpet beetle problem is likely to be quite advanced.


Most people get their textile ruined before they even notice there are carpet beetles present in their London home so it is best to act quickly before the problem gets worse. Carpet beetles are one of the most challenging pests to control in Kensington because it can spread through a building and hide in all types of fabrics.


If you suspect your home might be infested with carpet beetles then you should raise as many pieces of furniture, carpets, rugs and textiles as possible in order to find the carpet beetles, otherwise an infestation can be quickly established. One of our qualified pest controllers will ensure that they eradicate an infestation of carpet beetles so you can enjoy your home again without worrying about carpet beetles ruining your possessions.

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